Real Estate Ad Policies

Read the guidelines below before posting our Real Estate ad on

Each real estate ad must be only about a single, specific, currently available property

  • Please include:
    • All relevant information about the specific property you are selling
    • High quality image(s) of the specific property you are offering
    • The street address and location of the property.
  • Do Not Include:
    • Cartoon or graphic images
    • Photographs of yourself or of other people
    • Links to get more information that lead off of Texas Online Yardsale
    • Images that entice users to click for more information
    • Search links or information about multiple properties
    • Advertisements for services of any kind, including financing or loan information. Real Estate agents can post about their business in the Small Ads and Services category.
    • Advice about sell or market conditions.

Ads that do not comply with federal, state and local housing laws are prohibited on Texas Online Yardsale.

By posting an ad in the Real Estate category, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. You understand that Texas Online Yardsale has a right, at any time, with or without notification, to enforce these policies.
If you encounter an ad that is discriminatory and you believe that it violates Fair Housing Laws, please flag the ad as prohibited.