Pet Ad Policies

  • In accordance with many state laws, Texas Online Yardsale prohibits the sale of puppies or kittens under 8 weeks old. If Texas Online Yardsale believes a user is selling a puppy or kitten under 8 weeks of age we reserve the right to remove the ad and suspend posting privileges.
  • Ads asking for deposits on new litters as well as ads for upcoming litters are permitted so long as the ad clearly states that you will not be selling the animal until 8 weeks of age.
  • Pet stores, brokers, dealers, or any middleman are not permitted to post dog and cat ads for sale on our site. This includes selling puppies or kittens on behalf of others.
  • When posting a dog on our site we ask that you represent yourself honestly.
    To help ensure you choose the correct user type for your ad here is a breakdown of the types of posters that are permitted on our site:

    • Shelter: A nonprofit or not-for-profit organization that houses homeless, abandoned, recovered or unwanted animals.
    • Owner: A person who posts an ad for a pet he or she owns.
      *Please note: If you have purposefully bred an animal for profit, or breed animals that reside in your home, you are NOT an owner.
       Please only choose owner if you are re-homing an animal you can no longer take care of.
    • Breeder: An individual or organization engaged in breeding and selling animals or profit.

Failure to accurately represent yourself and your user type can result in removal of your ad (with or without notice) and suspension of your account.

  • Texas Online Yardsale does not condone “bait and switch” tactics. Any report of such practices will be looked into, and, if deemed legitimate, we reserve the right to remove the ad and/or suspend posting privileges.
  • Please do not post for sale any animal that is on the endangered species list, Fish and Wildlife list, are wild animals, or animals that are not permitted to be owned or sold in any city in which the ad is being posted or could be considered dangerous to others.
  • Do not post ads with photos of dogs mating on our site. Your ad will be removed.
  • We do not permit the sale and/or stud service of wolf hybrids (this does not apply to recognized animal shelters and rescues).
  • As well, primates are not permitted on our site.
  • Texas Online Yardsale does not permit any type of Breeding service (such as stud services) for any domestic pets.
  • Ads posted in the Pets section may not be listed as Free. It is important to us that everyone who adopts an animal can afford the care of the animal, and that they are committed to providing a safe and responsible environment to any animal they take in.

By posting an ad in the pet category you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. You understand that Texas Online Yardsale has a right, at any time, with or without notification, to enforce these policies.

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